The coming of our saviour.

It is time for the saint to prepared for our saviour. In Isaiah 42:1 it is time to let every being on these planets earth to know we are in this earth, but we did not belong to the earth the owner of is coming to take us into his glory all the elects don’t let the spirit of God go out of you.

I was once upon a time think about the coming of the Lord, and it came to me that He is here with us, but our sins has held us back to get closer to him. He is on the earth seen if man will change their mind and know that we are one people. Yet men has not changed, why? The church which is the central of the resource has fail to do so. now the church is been controlled by the politician the first Love is gone the second love is about to end that people are going to be killed if they did not obey the politician. Why some elect has been deceived by the things of the world forgetting themselves. It is time for us to speak unto the dry bonds to have fresh t meet their God. Time has come for the church to speak the truth to the people to forget about wealth but to saved their souls.

It is time to say NO to politicians who are putting fear unto people to know that they did not own the world. And walk according to the word of God. All the revelations was writing for us to know every hour what we should do not the devil to get us. The devil has been already judged and it hosts before time but yet look for people that he will go with him. Don’t be part of his calling, but be the part of the creators call.look unto him from the cross or on the mountain saying father forgive them because he cares for you and l to be saved. Where is our faith in Christ, the world are asking us where is our God. Because the first Love is gone, because we are walking according the politicians not according to his word. Awake for the time is closer than before.